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Is a bothersome water leak creating higher than normal water bills for you? If so, call Palmdale Plumbing Pros and we will get the situation under control for you in no time at all. It’s a well-known fact that uncontrolled water leaks in homes and businesses are the leading cause of costly water damage. These leaks can happen as a result of any number of reasons and no matter where the leaks are located they have the potential to cause major structural damage.

We are here to help! Palmdale Plumbing Pros works with highly qualified, certified, independent contractors that have years of experience detecting even the most obscure leaks. We offer free estimates and around the clock services so you can get the help you need now!

What Causes Water Leaks?

Lots of things can cause water leaks. From poorly installed plumbing to the deterioration of pipes to sediment and rust within your water heater, the causes are plenty. Many homeowners are easily frustrated when undetected water leaks occur and cause major damage. The problem is that things like sediment and pipe deterioration are not always noticeable like a slab leak or issue with a drippy faucet. This is why homeowners and businesses should consider regular inspections of their plumbing and foundations to ensure that a leak isn’t present and merely hiding.

Professional Leak Detection

Our professional leak detection techniques include video inspections, electronic detection services, and infrared thermal imaging. Using one or a combination of all of these methods enable our contractors to determine the exact location and cause of the leak. As the leading leak detection plumbers in Palmdale, California, our specialists are well-trained in many different methods for below ground leak detection. No matter where the leak is located, our customers can count on our expertise to find the problem and solve any and all seepage issues quickly and without a mess.

Give us a call to today to speak with one of our specialists to discuss your concerns. We offer affordable, non-invasive methods of leak detection and are considered the best in the business!